About clinic:


Detox-Spa clinic was established on the basis of Water Health Complex “Termy” of Dnipropetrovsk. The clinic is located in residential district Pridneprovsky at 13 Rassvetnaya Street.

Our patients undergo a program which provides a toxins cleansing at the cellular level. This sets self-recovery mechanisms and contributes to general renovation of body. Parasites elimination, bowels, kidney, liver, lungs, skin cleansing – thanks to these procedures your health will visually get better, you will be able to prevent growth of serious diseases and shake off chronic fatigue, distress and excess weight.

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Body clear-out


It’s like I slept but haven’t got enough sleep...

Ate almost nothing but put on some weight...

Drank only a glass of whisky and in the morning it feels like ... a whole bottle...

Took care of myself but fell ill again...

Familiar feelings? This is how your body takes offences at you for forgetting clearing it out! It just wants to be clean!

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HEALTH is a property of all society which can hardly be assessed.
We wish good health each other when me meet or take leave because it is a basis for a happy and productive life.

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